Health Dept/Industrial Waste Violations

Network understands the importance of following your restaurant’s health and safety regulations. Our extensive knowledge and training allows us to help you resolve any issues or concerns raised by your health inspector. We offer co-representation for industrial waste and health department violation hearings. We offer training on BMP (Best Management Practice). We provide BMP posters and location placment, spill kits, housekeeping techniques and overall education on curent policy.

Here are some of the health department violations we help resolve

Backflow Services

The safe water drinking act requires all restaurants to have backflow devices to protect the drinking water. It’s the law! we offers annual testing and certification for all your backflow needs. We install, test and repair. One call does it all.

Hot Water Problems

Hot water working at some fixtures and not others?
No hot water at all?
Water not hot enough or  too hot?
Water heater repair and replacement.
Continuous hot water at your restaurant is vital for your customers’ and employees’ hand washing and dish cleaning needs.  Today’s health department has a zero tolerance and immediate closure policy.  We understand the importance [...]

Drain Problems

Slow running drains?
Bad odors from floor sinks and floor drains?
Broken drain lines?
Broken P-traps?
Drain problems at your restaurant can be a nightmare for any area coach, district manager, general manager and most importantly your customers. Free flowing drains prevent loss of sales, health and safety issues and overall sanitary conditions of your restaurant.

Grease Trap & Interceptor Problems

Grease traps and interceptors are devices required by many municipalities to prevent FOG ( also known as fats, oils and grease) from entering the city sewer.  We provide the following services services to help you maintain them.
Grease trap and interceptor pumping
Broken baffle repairs
Odor problems
Sample box
New installs
Waste water testing
Confined space entry
BMP (Best management practices) and education
Industrial [...]

Leaks and Drips

Leaks and drips on faucets and fixtures can become annoying and costly. That little drip may not seem like much until you see this!
One dripping faucet with an average of 30 drips a minute equals 43,000 drips per day. Thats over 1000 gallons a year with an average cost of $33.00 from just one leaking [...]


Today’s health department and in-house quality assurance can give your restaurant negative ratings for the items below. Let our team know the date of your inspection. We will do a courtesy inspection free of charge and make sure you don’t lose unnecessary points!
Chipped or cracked floor sinks
Missing or damaged drain baskets, covers and plugs
Caulking or silicone [...]