Commercial Services

Network Rooter & Plumbing Inc has provided its commercial customers specialized services since 1990. We operate 24 hours/day 7 days/week. We arrive within 2 hours of an emergency service request. We gladly give second opinions. We will verify any work proposed by other companies and give you possible cost-saving solutions without obligation.

Network caters to:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail stores and Shop
  • Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Fire and Police Departments
  • Grocery Stores
  • High-rise buildings
  • Libraries
  • Here are some of the commercial services we offer

    Pumping Services

    Grease traps and interceptors are devices required by many municipalities to prevent FOG ( also known as fats, oils and grease) from entering the city sewer. We provide comprehensive pumping services to help you maintain them.

    Backflow Devices

    The safe water drinking act requires all restaurants to have backflow devices to protect the drinking water. It’s the law! Network offers annual testing and certification for all your backflow needs. We install, test and repair. One call does it all.

    Line Location

    Do you have a damaged sewer or water line under concrete, tile or asphalt?
    Do you need to know what direction your sewer or water line runs?
    Line location devices pin-point the location of plumbing pipes under any surface such as concrete, tile and asphalt. This allows us to save you money in guesswork and time. There’s no costly mistakes made by [...]

    Sewer Video Inspection

    Do you suspect damaged sewer or water pipes?
    Do you have roots in your pipe but don’t know where?
    Did someone drop something down a drain and it’s stuck in the pipe causing water to back up onto floors?
    Video inspections provide a real time color image of your underground plumbing pipes. We will give you depth measurements [...]

    Hydrojet Services

    Does water drain slowly during nightly cleanups?
    Do you have a drain that repeatedly clogs?
    Does the plumber always work on the same drains?
    Network uses powerful jet machines, which create high pressure water, to scour away grease and grime inside sewer pipes.
    Network is here for you whether your needs are an immediate emergency or a preventative maintenance [...]

    Leak Detection

    Do you get excessive water bills every month?
    Does water mysteriously seep from floors and walls?
    Does water bubble up from concrete or asphalt?
    Does water pool and never go away?
    Leak detection requires a trained ear and lots of experience. A missed leak can be quite costly. Network can pinpoint the source and fix the leak in the least amount [...]

    Odor Detection

    Do customers and employees complain of a bad smell?
    Is a smell there one day and gone the next?
    Does a smell come and go when you least expect?
    Network specializes in these challenging problems. Trained technicians use custom equipment & find the source of even the faintest of odors.

    Grease Trap & Interceptor Problems

    Grease traps and interceptors are devices required by many municipalities to prevent FOG ( also known as fats, oils and grease) from entering the city sewer.  We provide the following services services to help you maintain them.
    Grease trap and interceptor pumping
    Broken baffle repairs
    Odor problems
    Sample box
    New installs
    Waste water testing
    Confined space entry
    BMP (Best management practices) and education
    Industrial [...]